Nebraska School Activities Association

NSAA Staff

Jay Bellar, Executive Director

  • Overall Administration of NSAA Programs and Coordination of Staff
  • Budget and Finance
  • Interpretation of NSAA Constitution & Bylaws
  • Rulings on Eligibility and Hardships
  • Legal Questions
  • Disputes and Protests Involving Schools
  • Championship Contracts
  • E-mail:

Jennifer Schwartz, Associate Director

Jennifer Schwartz
  • NFHS Coaches Education Program
  • Legislative Proposals and District Meetings
  • Arrangements and Coordination of Meetings
  • Organize and Summarize Previously Made Rulings and Correspondence
  • Souvenir Shirt Sales and Tournament Staff Attire
  • Conduct Rules Meetings in Volleyball
  • Responsible for Volleyball, Debate and Journalism
  • Wildcard Point System in Volleyball
  • Responsible for Middle School Activities
  • E-mail:

Ron Higdon, Assistant Director

  • Sports Medicine
  • Conduct Rules Meetings in Wrestling, Tennis, and Soccer
  • Responsible for Wrestling, Tennis, and Soccer
  • Wildcard Point System in Soccer
  • Weight Management Program
  • Student Advisory Committee
  • Facility Management
  • E-mail:

Jon Dolliver, Assistant Director and Supervisor of Officials

  • Supervisor and Coordinator of Officials
  • Liaison with NFHS Officials’ Association
  • Sanctioning
  • Conduct Rules Meetings Basketball
  • Responsible for Cross Country, Boys & Girls Golf, and Basketball
  • Wildcard Point System in Basketball
  • E-mail:

Nate Neuhaus, Assistant Director

  • NSAA Awards Program
  • Ejections
  • Ball Contracts
  • Conduct Rules Meetings in Football and Track and Field
  • Responsible for Football and Track and Field
  • Wildcard Point System in Football
  • E-mail:

Dan Masters, Assistant Director

  • Unified Sports®
  • Liaison to Nebraska Coaches Association
  • Liaison Nebraska State Athletic Administrators Association
  • National Anthem Coordinator
  • NSAA Cup Program
  • Conduct Rules Meetings in Baseball and Softball
  • Responsible for Baseball, Softball and Music
  • Wildcard Point System in Softball and Baseball
  • E-mail:

Jeffery Stauss, Assistant Director

  • NCPA Academic All-State Awards Program
  • Conduct Rules Meeting in Swimming & Diving, Speech, and Play Production
  • Responsible for Swimming & Diving, Speech, and Play Production
  • Publicity & News Releases
  • Media Relations & Credentials
  • Media Technology at State Championships
  • Association History & State Records
  • Internships
  • E-mail:

Ashton Honnor, Marketing Specialist

Ashton Honnor
  • NSAA Marketing
  • Corporate Sponsorship Agreements
  • U.S. Bank Believers & Achievers Program
  • NSAA Multi-Activity Student Award
  • Championship Program Ad Sales
  • Monthly NSAA News
  • Officials Registration & Data
  • Liaison to NFHSOA & NHSOA
  • E-mail:

Megan Huber, Business Manager/Assistant to the Executive Director

  • Financial Reports in All Activities
  • Accounting
  • State Championship Programs
  • International Transfer Students
  • Activities Registration, Membership and Annual Reports
  • Cooperative Agreement Forms
  • State Championship Ticket Orders and Sales
  • Assists Jay Bellar & Dan Masters
  • E-mail:

Cindy Callaway, Office Manager

Cindy Callaway
  • Handles Speech and Play Production Judges Registration
  • NSAA Directory
  • NSAA Calendars
  • Assists Dan Masters, Jennifer Schwartz, Ron Higdon, and Jeff Stauss
  • E-mail:

Ronda Schmidt, Administrative Assistant

  • Handles Requests for Contests, Officials and Equipment
  • NSAA Record Book
  • NSAA Directory
  • Assists Ron Higdon & Nate Neuhaus
  • E-mail:

Alicia McCoy, Administrative Assistant

  • Receptionist
  • NSAA Building Scheduling
  • NSAA Permanent Files
  • Assists Jennifer Schwartz, Jon Dolliver & Jeff Stauss
  • E-mail:

Rick Colgan, Software Developer

  • All operations of the NSAA website
  • Development of the NSAA administrative portal
  • Website security
  • Updating online applications and forms
  • Development of usability testing processes
  • E-mail: