Nebraska School Activities Association

New Officials Courses Available on NFHS Learning Center

The NFHS Learning Center has released three new officiating courses that complement the goal of the NFHS Officials Recruitment Campaign to recruit and retain prospective officials nationwide. “Officiating Football,” “Officiating Soccer: Fouls and Misconduct” and “Officiating Swimming and Diving” expand on the NFHS Learning Center’s commitment to reach the numerous groups that comprise education-based activities and athletics. “Officiating Football,” the first course released this summer, was developed to appeal to new and experienced high school game officials alike. The goal of the course is to use professionalism and knowledge of the rules to explain what it takes to become a good football official. In addition, the course addresses risk minimization and the potential impact on injuries, as well as the fundamentals of legal blocking and catching. In taking “Officiating Soccer: Fouls and Misconduct,” officials can learn how to recognize various forms of rules violations. A better understanding of fouls – such as tripping, holding and obstruction – can help promote a safer game. This course also provides examples of situations in which to call fouls and show cards, along with offering guidance on how to deal with disciplinary issues and other forms of unsporting contact. The third course, “Officiating Swimming and Diving,” was developed by the NFHS in conjunction with the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA). The course allows officials to choose the swimming tract, diving tract or both, depending on which rules are required by their state association. Officials who take the course will explore aspects of officiating and judging diving, as well as gain a judging practicum featuring feedback of submitted scores. Each of the new courses offered by the NFHS Learning Center costs $20. A $10 discount is available to all members of the NFHS Officials Association by entering a registered officials association email at checkout. The NFHS Learning Center now offers more than 50 online courses, including more than 20 free courses. Since the launch of in 2007, the NFHS has delivered more than 5.7 million courses.