Nebraska School Activities Association

REMINDER: Eligibility List for Transfer Students Due May 1

Eligibility will be considered for Nebraska transfer students who have transferred from one Nebraska member high school to another Nebraska member high school when there is not a change of domicile by the legal parents. The school to which the student is transferring must include such students on their May 1 transfer list (A.D’s login page, live link under “eligibility”). This transfer eligibility requirement would apply to Nebraska students who transfer: (1) from public school to private school; (2) from private school to public school; (3) from private school to private school; (4) from public school to public school; and (5) transfers from Nebraska school to Nebraska school within a multi-school district. NSAA bylaws state that “The NSAA member school into which the Nebraska student transfers MUST notify the NSAA of the transfer by entering the student’s name in the NSAA online database no later than May 1. Once the NSAA has been notified, the Nebraska student could complete that year of eligibility in the Nebraska school the student was leaving. The Nebraska student would, however, become ineligible for ninety (90) school days the next fall if the Nebraska student were to change his/her mind and decided not to transfer. Only Nebraska students transferring from one NSAA member school to another NSAA member school are eligible to take advantage of the May 1 transfer and have their name submitted into the online database.” Since May 1 is on a Sunday, and to ensure that schools have requisite time to process transfers, such transfer lists will be accepted until midnight on Monday, May 2, 2016.